18 / Nisan / 2024 - Perşembe

Non-Governmental organisation in the field of tourism

The Association for Promoting and Tourism of Edirne is a non-governmental organization established in 1962 in Edirne. Edirne is an old city where firstly Trak community had settled and then used by Roman empire as a fortress, and had become the capital city of the Ottoman Empire for almost 100 years. There are many historical, cultural and tourism values including two UNESCO world cultural heritage in the city. Selimiye Mosque, Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling which is the oldest traditional sport, and Kakava Festival are just some of the cultural values in Edirne. Meric, Tunca and Arda rivers are the junction of the border of Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and this makes the city outstanding geographically. Besides the cultural tourism, special interest tourism (bird-watching, agro-tourism, festival tourism etc.) can be promoted and marketed in national and international area. ETT-DER, as one of the oldest NGO in Edirne and try to develop and promote the sustainable city tourism.

The members of the ETT-DER Association are generally tourism business owners and the volunteers who are closely dealing with Edirne tourism. The members and the advisory board have been producing and implementing some projects and activities about developing Edirne and region tourism with the cooperation of the university primarily.

ETT-DER organized several panels, conferences, festivals, workshops, and seminars in order to develop tourism potential and manage the tourism sector (the food and beverages, accommodations, services etc.) standards in Edirne and in the region. It has organized vocational professional training, courses for the waiters, front office, housekeeping, and culinary personnel and adults to improve themselves.

ETT-DER has involved many strategic meetings with the top management officials as a NGO. The association participated national and international tourism fairs and set stands (EMITT and Greece and Bulgarian tourism fairs) in order to contribute the tourism promotion and development in the region.

ETT-DER has developed BG-TR-CBC projects and also applied these projects before this proposal. It has cooperation with many cross-border associations and organizations. The association has a three-floored building in the city centre. The tourism office directed by The Culture and Tourism Ministry gives information to the tourists in this building.